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Facebook Fan Builder Powered by NextBee

NextBee has years of experience implementing and running Facebook Fan Building campaigns for both small business and enterprises. Our team will work closely with your from the start, to determine the most effective parameters for your Facebook promotion.

The first step is to determine what prize you will be offering the winner of your campaign. The options are nearly limitless, with offers such as cash prizes, discounts, gift cards, tickets to local events, physical items, and even trips to exotic locations; our technology allows you to define the reward best suited to maximize participation from your audience.

Not only are you in complete control over what prize you offer, but also in determining nearly every other aspect of your campaign. Offer a one time grand prize awarded at the end of the campaign, or give users more chances to win (and more reason to engage) with first, second and third prizes awarded monthly, weekly or daily.

Whatever your objectives, your account manager will listen and collaborate with you to build the optimal sweepstakes solution. Then our design team will build everything needed in a matter of just a few weeks - with frequent updates throughout the process - to deliver comprehensive setup instructions that will only take your IT department a couple of hours to integrate. NextBee takes the lion's share of the efforts involved, from brainstorming ideas, to installation.

NextBee integrates your sweepstakes seamlessly with your brand, holding your same branding, stylesheets and overall look and feel. Starting from within your Facebook account, we will build powerful fan gate pages that highlight your products and services and allow users access only after they've liked your page. Once through the 'like-gate' users will be shown all the details of your sweepstakes and asked to for further details (details which you feel are necessary to collect) to enter.

Our open graph API's are designed to drive distribution with flexible formatting, allowing users to spread your message across their social circles. Add a sponsored story element to your promotion and all the stories your entrants post will automatically appear in the news feeds and tickers of their friends. We know Facebook inside and out: rest assured that your Fan Builder will not only be designed to appeal to your existing fans, but also optimized for easy sharing to maximize awareness.

In addition to Facebook, NextBee allows you to promote your sweepstakes directly from your main website. We can build custom landing pages where users can fill in their details, Like you on Facebook and enter the giveaway without ever having to leave your site. Entry forms can be hosted on your domain, and presented to users via landing pages, custom overlays, iFrames, banners or widgets.

Your sweepstakes will attract new fans and, with NextBee's rich suite of options, can be used to further motivate engagement, turning your Facebook presence into a bustling community of loyal supporters and brand advocates.

Add a caption contest component to your sweepstakes: users Like your page, then are presented with a photo and description field, they enter a caption, hit submit and the photo and caption is posted to your timeline and their walls for all of their connections to see. Winners can be chosen at random, or participants and/or judges can vote on the best caption.

This is just one idea, NextBee has launched and run many unique Facebook campaigns with engaging activities tailored to our client's objectives. So you can be sure you are getting the most customizable and robust campaign available.

Tools to Promote Sharing

A great prize combined with engaging activities, will make your sweepstakes something your audience can't wait to share. NextBee has a rich suite of tools that easily allow them to spread your message. We can supply entrants with a unique referral code they can post to their social channels, or share over email. Every time someone signs up using their code, they are rewarded with additional sweepstakes entries or an instant prize. This will increase the virality of every campaign you run with NextBee.

Actionable Analytics

With NextBee's best-in-breed tracking software you'll have access to detailed metrics in every aspect of your sweepstakes. Our dashboards allow you to segment reports based on user generated tags, and you can review reports based on:

  • Members
  • Referral Emails (inviting friends to join)
  • Other optional activities such as social share/connections
  • the list goes on...

If there is ever a specific report you need that isn't in our standard list of reports, simply send a message to your account manager and they'll get it sent out to you right away.

NextBee is relentlessly focused on user experience, customer service and comprehensive reporting, because we want nothing more than for your sweepstakes to be a resounding, ROI positive success that brings monetized reach and brand awareness, which you can't match anywhere else.

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